November 17, 2020

You may be struggling in some areas in life. Maybe you are thinking about this and you find the phrase “I woke up today and find I don’t have what it takes to be average”  can mean different things to different people.  Maybe you think you are under-average or over-average?  What can you do to include self-improvement no matter where you are in life?  Header photo item available from our Store 


Think about this for adding Value to your Life


Here is something that may be of value.  Write or email to a number of people that you have contact with. Don’t worry if they are someone you may or may not “get on with” or “like”. They can be used as a resource whether a negative or positive response is expected.   Say something like this – (remember you are unique and can tailor to what you are comfortable with):


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“I am working on improving myself. I’d understand that you may or may not know where I’m at – at the present time.  What I would appreciate would be your input in any of the following areas:


My attitude

How you see me holding up under pressure

Whether my current situation suits me

An honest critique


You could just ask for an honest critique and leave it for the receiver of your correspondence to make of it what they will and get back to you. It can be a sobering experience – but definitely something you can learn from. A help with self-improvement.  Yet also rather unsettling – dependent on your feedback.  Consider it a learning curve.  This can be just the sign you have been looking for – so don’t overlook any negative feedback.


While many talk about being positive – (it has its place)  often it may not engender change.  Grasp any type of feedback with both hands!


Make up a personal inventory. Your strengths and weaknesses. Where you need work and use your critique as an advancement in that...


Don’t be discouraged by where you are now.


You are “you” and not someone else – so don’t compare.  Whether your outside appearance, your attributes, and your skills.  Take stock of where you are at currently. You know more than you realize.  You have experiences no one else has. God I believe gives you talents – it’s what you do with them that counts. I have not met anyone that starts off at Ground Zero. Even starting from negative can be used to bless others.


No matter what choices you have made in life – remember you have learned from these experiences.  Choices are knowledge to help you make future decisions.


TIPS on what you can do to include self-improvement


This list is no means exhaustive but you work it to include even more or change it.  Write the list somewhere you can refer to. Having it dated is a bonus – since you can see how much you have done. A down-side to looking at what you don’t know or haven’t achieved. Forget it!


Never settle for anything but the best for yourself. Aim higher and aim for excellence. Compete with yourself! 


No one knows everything, nor can they have the “experience” you have. Being positively pro-active about this. Take baby steps each and every day.  Life skills can be added to! Knowledge and understanding are Wisdom which are blessings to be prayed for. 


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Personal Development aka Self-improvement


This includes (but not limited to)


1.  Communication –  This includes both verbal and written. Find your voice and put pen to paper or type up what you want known!


2.   Health – Implementing lifestyle choices such as exercise and eating and learning the value in each. Start to take some good lessons on self-care in regards to your own personal grooming and the looking after yourself.



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 3.  Motivation(See what keeps you going)


4.  Planning and aims (Find out what suits you and have aims on how to get there)


5.  Values (What your core beliefs are and how they fit your life and it’s mission)


6.  Listening (This is seriously under-valued. I have not yet met the person who did not want to be listened to. This is a highly valuable skill. Consider pro-active listening)


7.  Learning from other generations not just your peers. That is those older and younger than you. They are both very valuable resources. Once you learn you can be valuable at sharing what you know with others.


8.  Lots of Practical skills –  This includes (but not limited to)


9.  Learning different apps – so you can help not only yourself but others as well


10. Relationships(Work on improvement and getting to really know yourself and other people).


11. Learning to cook –  (This is so under-estimated – but it is a highly valuable skill)


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 12. Gardening – (A most productive and rewarding skill – and you get tomatoes!)


13. Crafts – There are so many valuable crafts available to do that you could be hard put to just limit them to a few!




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14. Learn Public speaking ie Do some Facebook lives or You Tube. I’ve heard it said that your second go is never worse than your first go at it! I can vouch for that from personal experience! Speaking groups such as Toastmasters are also a place of value here.


15. Organizing  (Everyone has to organize something) Think not only your direction, your everyday life - inside and outside and what you want to do and how to get there. 



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Final Comments


To make a change – to include self-improvement, does take time.  It can be challenging but you can make the change that makes the difference not only for yourself but others   Keep focused and often keep blocks of time set aside for each area of growth you are working on.  Review it often. Have a person who helps keep you accountable ie An accountability buddy. If you move faster than you have dreamed consider gaining a specific coach to help you or a mentor. Both have merit and help you “become a better you”.


Lastly, remember this. No matter how young, old, knowledgeable, shortcomings or what abilities you have – there is “RFI”. Room for Improvement.


So go for it!



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